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Finding the right person for an open position can be hard when you try to do it yourself. Sometimes it can seem like there is an endless list of candidates to sort through. And finding the right person can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But, when you choose an experienced recruitment agency in New Orleans to help find the best fit for the job, those troubles become a thing of the past. At GLO Resources, we handle the process to connect you with the ideal candidate. In turn, this could save you time and money while reducing stress. Learn more about our services to see how we could help you!

Our Process
One of the main differences that sets our New Orleans recruitment agency apart from others is our approach to recruitment. GLO Resources utilizes a relationship-driven approach to recruiting that goes beyond what’s on a resume or cover letter. We look for the candidate who could be the best fit for the position and your company, now and in the future. We strive toward an outcome that leaves clients and chosen candidates satisfied. This includes finding the individual who could be the best match for your company’s culture, pace of progress, and the work demands of the position. 
Connecting you with the candidate who aligns closest with your values and expectations can increase your chances of a long-lasting and fruitful business relationship. This is why our specialists personally interview each candidate before qualifying and presenting them to you. Whether you need to fill a blue-collar or white-collar position, our goal is to reduce turnover and help your business continue to run efficiently. Our team also stays in touch with clients and employees after the hiring process is finished to ensure everyone is satisfied. This is because our goal is not to service you as a customer for today, but to have you as a client for life.

Safety and Training Services
In addition to our recruitment services, we also provide OSHA and DOT safety training. We can come to your location to train your employees, reducing lost productivity time. And, upon successful completion, your employees can receive training credentials that day.
Our team can also serve you by creating a complete or partial safety program to get your company in compliance for audits, growth, and enhancement. This can include the development of safety manuals, JSEA development, SDS development and updating, and compliance site management (IS Networld, PEC, Avetta, and more).
In addition, we can also help to develop a risk management plan to guard you against costly mismanaged comp claims. This can safeguard your company against unnecessary losses of thousands or even millions of dollars. 

A New Orleans Recruitment Agency and So Much More
Are you searching for a New Orleans recruitment agency? Let us share our expertise to help make your life easier and your business more efficient. Our safety and training, safety program development, and risk management services can also prepare your organization for a brighter, more successful future. Get in touch with us today to see how we could help you!

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