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4 Benefits of Working With Construction Staffing Agencies

February 8, 2022

If you are searching for potential hires in the fields of oil and gas, construction, information technology, and more, you need a fast track to employees that fit your requirements. But, taking the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring processes into your own hands can cost you valuable time and money. With construction staffing agencies, you can find the personnel additions you need as well as safety training and more. And the benefits don’t stop there! Learn more about what you can expect by partnering with a professional staffing agency like GLO Resources.

1. Expand Your Resources, and Quickly

When you need extra hands for construction projects, you need the empty roles filled as soon as possible. This is where construction staffing agencies shine! Agencies like GLO Resources help you to quickly find matches for long-term or short-term positions. And with professional recruitment services, we save you time on hunting, hiring, and training. This leaves the head of the company and the rest of your team free to focus on the tasks at hand while we take care of the details. But don’t worry—no decisions are made without your input and final approval, so you can rest assured that all hires meet your standards.

2. Access Qualified Potential Candidates Upfront

The hiring process can be long, drawn-out, and may not yield the potential personnel that you hope for. With construction staffing agencies, you can cut out the wait and focus on candidates who meet your requirements. Don’t spend hours pouring through resumes and online applications only to weed through applicants with less experience than your position needs. With GLO Resources, we connect you to highly qualified candidates. Simply narrow down your selection, and we will handle the interviewing, hiring, and training processes once you’ve decided on the right hires for your job.

3. Outsource HR and Payroll Services

While many construction staffing agencies focus exclusively on sourcing and hiring qualified employees, we don’t stop there. At GLO Resources, we also handle services that extend beyond an employee’s introduction to your company. We are dedicated to maintaining satisfaction for employees and employers alike. Our specialists can handle payroll services for your augmented team members for the duration of their time with your organization. And, we also make sure that any problems are mitigated to prevent negative outcomes. As smoothly as we can hire new workers for your construction needs, we can also handle terminations when necessary. 

4. Set Internal Safety Standards for Your Team

Safety is key in construction positions. Not only do safety standards protect your workers, but they also protect your company’s reputation and compliance. At GLO Resources, we can help with safety program development as well as training and certification for your staff. With our onsite compliant training, your workers can become certified in OSHA and DOT safety standards. By the end of our accredited training session, your employees will receive training credentials without having to wait or make do with temporary certificates. And, we can also benefit your company by developing safety manuals, compliance site management, risk management plans, and more.

Partner With Construction Staffing Agencies for Business Solutions

Save time, stress, and overhead with the help of an established construction staffing agency! GLO Resources is ready to help you augment your team with highly skilled and expertly trained personnel. And, we are prepared to assist with onboarding, safety training, maintenance, and more. Contact us today through our website or give us a call at your closest location in Houston, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans. With over 30 years of expertise, GLO Resources can help you quickly and easily expand your team. Reach out to us to get started!

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