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6 Things to Look For in a New Orleans Recruiting Agency

February 21, 2022

As your business grows, so does the need for experienced employees. But how can you find professional placements without wasting time or money? Let GLO Resources, your New Orleans recruiting agency, help you find the right solutions. When searching for the right agency, it is important to know that you are finding the best fit for your needs. Here are six factors to keep in mind when finding a recruiting agency to partner with.

1. Understand the Company Values

Understanding the values of the recruitment agency you are considering can help you determine whether or not they are a good fit for your business. At GLO Resources, we are dedicated to improving your business processes by connecting you with high-performing talent. And, we take the stress out of hiring, training, and monitoring employee performance. While we make sure that your new short-term or long-term hires are fulfilling your company needs, you can focus on running your company.

2. Know That They Can Supply Your Needs

First, it is important to identify what your company needs. Are you searching for ways to expand your internal team with skilled employees? Maybe you need to improve your business’s safety processes? Once you understand what you are looking for, communicate these needs to our New Orleans recruiting agency. We will go above and beyond to deliver the highest level of success. 

3. Trust That the Company Is an Expert in the Field

At GLO Resources, we understand the complexities and needs of both white- and blue-collar positions. We specialize in hiring, training, and placing long-term and permanent employees with companies just like yours. Our expertise spans the following industries:

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Shipyard
  • Engineering and Project Management
  • Accounting and Financial
  • And more!

And with over 30 years of combined industry experience, we make sure that you feel confident about your decision to partner with our agency.

4. Explore the Other Options They Offer

Our expertise doesn’t end with professional placement. Just as we seek to deliver long-term placements to your company, we also strive to develop a lasting relationship with you. We discuss the needs, goals, and expectations of your business. Then, we search through qualified candidates to find the best matches. Once hires have been finalized, we continue to work with your company through training, human resources management, and even safety training and certification. It is our goal to serve you today and in the future after your placements have been made.

5. Ensure That They Supply High-Caliber Candidates

Our New Orleans recruiting agency doesn’t just fill the roles needed at your company. We make sure that each candidate you review is highly qualified and skilled. As experts in the field, we want you to also work with experts to help your company grow and excel. With our recruitment process, we begin by sorting through potential hires that meet the needs of your company. Then, we perform interviews to dial in on the best of the best. Once we have a list of qualified candidates, we present this to you for final approval. Following their hire, we make sure that your new employee is trained and ready to deliver results.

6. Make Sure the Company Delivers What They Promise

Our agency is passionate about helping companies meet and surpass their goals. With professional placement, safety training and development, and long-term HR services, we ensure that you receive the quality you expect and deserve. GLO Resources values open communication, and we make sure that your relationship with your new placement is satisfactory. Let us know how we can help to improve your company, and we will work to find the best solution for you!

Work With a New Orleans Recruiting Agency You Can Trust

Whether you need employee placement or are seeking help in developing your in-house safety program, GLO Resources is prepared to help! If you are a professional interested in finding a career through our New Orleans recruiting agency, apply now on our website. Or if you are a business seeking potential hires and our other services, reach out to us at 504-291-1870. Or, message us with any questions. We look forward to partnering with you!

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