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The Difference Between GLO Resources and Head Hunters

March 2, 2021

Often, someone assumes our recruiting agency works as head hunters. However, this is not the case. While our job has us working in similar roles, we do a very different job than head hunters. But what are the differences? These small differences have a bigger impact than you might think. As professionals of our craft who want the best for our clients, we are here to help you navigate through those differences. Discover why our recruiting agency is a better choice for your goals than choosing a head hunter. 

Quantity or Quality?

One of the differences between head hunters and our agency is the matter of quantity or quality. By definition, a head hunter is somebody who works the recruiting process by approaching individuals who are right for the job. However, the people they approach are more often than not already employed with a company. A company that they are most likely very happy at. And therefore, they are very less likely to leave. Because of this, a head hunter's job isn't to find quality workers who are available for your position. In fact, they are really looking for the most people that they can pitch the position to, even if these people aren’t right for the job. As a recruiting agency, it's our job to find high-quality individuals who are ready and willing to fulfill the position you need them for. Wouldn't you rather quality over quantity?

We Go Further

At GLO Resources, we believe in doing more for our clients. It's not just a matter of making sure that our clients are getting the employees they need. We ensure that potential employees live up to expectations. How? Well...

First of all, our company goes out of our way to handle additional aspects such as personally interviewing each candidate before qualifying them. Head hunters don't go the extra mile and usually pitch their position to others.

Additionally, many of our competitors tend to focus on only one industry. However, we're confident enough to dedicate our time and energy to helping numerous industries.  Some of these industries include oil and gas, accounting and finance, IT, administrative office support, and more. And because we specialize in both blue-collar and white-collar positions, we are confident that we can help you to the best of our ability.

Choose GLO Resources Today!

If you're looking for help, don't turn to the head hunters. Instead, find help with our recruiting agency, GLO Resources. To begin, feel free to contact us by either sending us an email at or by calling one of our locations in either Baton Rouge or Houston. If you're in Louisiana, feel free to call 225-239-5152. On the other hand, Texas businesses can give us a call at 713-893-5870. Additionally, if you want to contact us outside of work hours, you can always leave us a message online. One of our staff members will contact you shortly to begin. We’re more than happy to help you start the process to find the best employee for your open position.

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