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Why Louisiana Businesses Shouldn't Rely on Head Hunting

September 6, 2022

When you are struggling to find the right match for the gaps in your company’s team, you may turn to a recruiter or head hunting company in Louisiana. But when it comes to the choice that will produce the results you need, turn to recruitment companies like GLO Resources. Learn why recruiters are going to get the hires you need to achieve your goals while head hunting falls flat. 

The Downside of Headhunting in Louisiana 

When you hire someone to do head hunting in Louisiana, they often will try to fill the empty spots in your company with individuals already working in a similar position. While this sounds like a wise approach, it can be a waste of time as they are typically happy in their current position and turn down the offer. Head hunting often requires offering the position to as many potential hires as possible in hopes one will take the bait. This often results in a widened hiring pool filled with unqualified options. Head hunting values quantity over quality. Hiring just one bad hire can have a lasting impact on your company by ruining potential success and growth. As the saying goes, one rotten apple spoils the bunch. 

Why Recruiters are the Smartest Choice 

Recruiting companies like GLO Resources approach the hiring process drastically differently. Therefore, it’s only logical we can produce a higher quality pool of potential hires, albeit smaller. But with options all highly likely to excel and seamlessly integrate into the company, you don’t need a vast pool to pick from. We do this by valuing a relationship-based approach to the hiring process. This means we want you to be so pleased with the results produced by our team you depend on us time and time again for your hiring needs and beyond

We take the time to learn about the position, the company culture, and more before we start the first steps of the hiring process for you. Head hunters merely find good leads for you while we actively take steps in the recruiting process on your behalf. Even after the hiring process is over, we continue checking in with the new member of your company and you in order to establish mutual satisfaction with the new professional relationship. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, you can trust GLO Resources to find the new member of your team that will help you achieve your goals. 

Ready to Get Started?

For those who want to avoid the downfalls of head hunting in Louisiana, reach out to our recruitment agency and get the results you deserve. Our passion for bridging the connection between companies and outstanding individuals looking for employment helps us stand out in an industry of mediocrity. Please get in touch with us by calling the number for one of our Louisiana locations in either Baton Rouge or New Orleans. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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