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Why The Right Industrial Placement Agency Matters

July 16, 2021

Many industries right now are struggling with being understaffed. This situation is even more difficult to manage if you don’t have any time to hire or train these potential new employees. But you wouldn’t want to just get any placement agency, especially if you work in a specialized field like industrial work. With GLO Resources, we can show you why our Baton Rouge industrial placement agency is the right one for you. 

Working, So You Don’t Have To

Our company doesn't work like the third-party staffing agencies many employers and employees are familiar with. To us, you're not just somebody we can make money off of. We genuinely want to help you find the right fit for your company and are willing to put the work in. That's why we do whatever we can to make the process easier for you and your existing employees.

One example of this is through the hiring process itself. Many companies find as many available people as possible, throw them at their clients, and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. But the job isn’t done yet. In this scenario, you then have to do the work of interviewing each and every person and looking through their resumes—taking time and money away from your business. And, if you’re already in a position where there’s no time to lose, this is a terrible arrangement. You may as well have made a job listing. 

Understanding Our Clients On A Personal Level

At GLO, we want to not only get to know our clients but also our clients’ possible new employees. That’s why we take the time to understand the nuances of your company culture and keep them in mind when we interview potential candidates. It’s one thing to be a good employee, but if an employee doesn’t mesh well at all, there’s a good chance that production will slow down or have issues. That’s why we take our time to find the perfect fit for your company. 

Let Us Handle Training

Of course, we don’t stop our process with hiring new employees. After all, you’re busy! So let us handle any OSHA and DOT Safety Training that you need. Our team can come to your site—or any capable facility—and train your personnel. Because we take the time to do this essential training, you’re equipped to continue business as usual. At the same time, we’re ensuring that your new employees have proper, compliant training in order to do their job properly. Let our Baton Rouge industrial placement agency help you find the right people for the job!

Begin With Our Baton Rouge Industrial Placement Agency

Are you ready to begin with our Baton Rouge industrial placement agency? We understand how difficult it can be to find employees, especially when you’re already struggling with the amount of work you have. So let us take care of it. To begin with our Baton Rouge team, feel free to give us a call at 225-239-5152 or email us at One of our representatives will be with you as soon as possible!

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