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4 Reasons to Use Our Houston Recruiters

September 29, 2021

When you need to grow your team quickly, a recruitment agency can be a smart choice. At GLO Resources, our process covers all facets of the hiring process, from sourcing to interviewing and closing. This way, you can save time, money, and valuable resources while still gaining the hardworking employees you need. If you are looking to fill positions in the industrial or construction industries, let our recruitment agency simplify your search! Here are four reasons to use Houston recruiters, specifically our professionals at GLO Resources.

1. We Know the Ins and Outs of the Construction World

As recruiters, it is our job to be well-versed in the agency you are recruiting for. At GLO Resources, we can help you find pre-vetted workers to quickly and easily fill your open positions. This ranges from workers in the industries of oil and gas, engineering and project management, customer service, information technology, and much more! We know that it can be hard to wade through a sea of prospective hires who just don’t make the cut. At GLO, we only connect you to potential employees who can meet your needs. Find experts in the field with our curated list of talented workers. We make sure that each candidate presented has the qualifications to be a successful, efficient, profit-turning employee.

2. We Can Easily Connect You to Long-Term or Short-Term Employees

Rather than sorting through digital applications or stacks of resumes, you can quickly and easily find access to experts with the aid of a recruitment agency. Our Houston recruiters increase your pool of candidates and align you with matches for your job description. Whether you need short-term workers to augment your current work capacity or want long-term placement, our recruitment services narrow down your search to your prime candidates. Let our professionals at GLO Resources extend your reach so that you can discover the best fitting employees for your position!

3. A Recruitment Agency Does More than Job Placement

While your primary concern may be expanding your team, our services at GLO Resources go further than hiring. Our Houston recruiters help you to grow your team and then monitor your placements after the position has been filled. Why is this important? We care about our clients’ well-being as well as the employees we connect them with. After hiring, we ensure that your satisfaction continues from the beginning of employment through the length of tenure. As well as placement and client satisfaction, we can also assist with HR solutions and payroll processing!

4. We Can Help You to Expand Your Team—Fast

Take a moment to think about the hiring process. You begin with posting a job listing for your open position and wait for applications to roll in. Next, you begin combing through entries to find potential interviews. Some may be promising, others may not be. Once you have your narrowed-down list of candidates, it is time to schedule and host an interview. If the interview is successful, you can hire your new employee! If not, it’s back to the drawing board. This can be an exhausting and time-consuming process that does not guarantee successful placement. With a recruitment agency, you can expedite these steps and leave the process up to other professionals. This way, you can be free to continue running your company without being pulled away by the hiring process. 

Streamline your steps with GLO Resources. Simply brief our recruiters on the open role and what you expect from potential hires. Then, we find a list of workers who meet your description. Once we have a curated list, you can browse through and find the right fits for your blue- or white-collar jobs. Pick your favorite candidates and leave the interviews to us. Then, you can make the final decision regarding who to bring on to join your team.

Choose Our Houston Recruiters at GLO Resources

Get started today with GLO Resources! Our Houston recruiters are ready to help you expand your team and take away the stress of the hiring and interview process. Contact us today at 713-893-5870. Or, email us at We look forward to helping you find the perfect matches for your construction or industrial positions!

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