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Finding the Best New Orleans Recruitment Agency

May 10, 2022

As your company grows, the number of employees needed to support the company processes will mirror that growth. You shouldn’t settle for a hire who cannot rise to the standards of your company. Unfortunately, the large recruitment pool in New Orleans can be difficult to comb through. A New Orleans recruitment agency can streamline the hiring process by discovering the strongest applicants with minimal effort on your part. But with so many agencies to choose from, what sets GLO Resources apart from other New Orleans recruitment agencies? 

Relationship Driven New Orleans Recruitment

New Orleans recruitment agencies often approach recruitment with a results-focused mindset without considering continued success post-hire. Rapid hires may fill the position quickly, but this may affect their longevity in the position. At GLO Resources, it is vital for us to understand the ins and outs of your company and your expectations for the new hire. By learning about your company, we can form a clear idea of your ideal employee. The key to finding the right fit lies beyond written facts on a resume and cover letter. This is why GLO Resources diligently interviews each qualified candidate with our client’s values and the demands of the positions in mind. 

We only present our clients with candidates of the highest potential. This relationship-based recruitment approach saves our clients’ valuable money, time, and resources. GLO Resources works to serve clients for life rather than merely today. We want to provide you with hires suitable for the work culture, work demands, and values of your company. Many agencies stop working once the position is filled. GLO Resources stays in touch to make sure both the employer and employee are mutually satisfied. 

Offering Help Beyond the Hiring Point

Unlike many New Orleans recruitment companies, we offer more than assistance with the recruitment process. GLO Resources can also provide safety and training resources. One of the primary goals of our agency is to enhance productivity and minimize roadblocks for our clients. While we can certainly find suitable hires, we can also help your employees remain up to speed with the evolutions of your company with our resources. 

For OSHA and DOT safety, we will come to you for on-site training. Your employees will leave that day with certification in hand. Our safety program development has helped companies develop or enhance safety programs to aid with audits, growth, or enhancement. With the foundation of our decades of experience, GLO Resources’ risk management programs can help protect your company from pricey claims. We offer our clients these additional resources to foster a lifelong relationship beyond the standard hiring process. 

Work With a New Orleans Recruitment Agency That Goes Above and Beyond

If you have found yourself in need of our employee recruitment services or feel interested in our other services, GLO Resources would be honored to assist you. A member of our team would be happy to answer any questions and discuss the many ways we can benefit your company. Reach out to us at 504-291-1870 or you can message us online! We can’t wait to help you find the resources you need for success. 

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