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More Than Your Standard Recruitment Agency In New Orleans

December 28, 2020

When it comes to your employees, you want the most qualified and skilled personnel available. That’s why at GLO Resources, we can train your prospective or current employees in a variety of safety and regulatory programs. It doesn’t matter if you need training for blue-collar or white-collar work. These programs are designed for all varieties of disciplines spanning many industries. We also offer onsite training and, in some cases, same-day certifications. GLO Resources isn’t your standard recruitment agency in New Orleans. Let’s take a look at some of the programs and training we offer.

OSHA and DOT Safety Training

We provide OSHA and DOT-approved training courses for any and all industrial-level roles. One of our unique services is that we actually come to your site to train your employees! We can train on all OSHA construction, maritime, and general disciplines. We also can train in compliant and up-to-date dot standards at your facility. Our team comes to your site (or any capable facility) and trains your personnel firsthand. Because of this, you not only save the cost of sending company personnel off-site, but you also avoid any productivity loss.

Safety Program Development

We know safety is paramount when it comes to the business you operate. That’s why the experts at GLO Resources offer safety program development. We work closely with you to develop a complete or partial safety program to offer your company complete compliance for audits, growth, or enhancement. This includes a “turn-key” program that overhauls your current program and provides avenues for continual growth and advancement. From safety manuals to JSEA development, SDS development and updating, compliance site management (ISNetworld, PEC, Avetta, etc.), the experts at GLO Resources have you covered on all fronts.

Risk Management Programs

Do you have a risk management plan in place? Risk management minimizes your organization's risk to mitigate costly claims, amounting to thousands, or even millions, of dollars in losses. With decades of experience protecting companies from undue costs, we have the knowledge it takes to help you build a comprehensive risk management program. Trust the experts when it comes to risk management. 

Why GLO Resources?

When looking for a recruitment agency in New Orleans, it's obvious you need a partnership you can rely on. Our expertise in staffing solutions, coupled with our decades of experience in training and program development, makes choosing GLO Resources a no-brainer. If you’re looking for dependability, look no further than GLO Resources.

Not Your Average Recruitment Agency In New Orleans

GLO Resources is uniquely different in an industry filled with mediocrity. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients and to become their chosen recruitment agency in New Orleans. We understand our clients’ hardships when seeking skilled personnel. GLO Resources is here to connect these dots for your business. Our representatives are eager to serve you. Give us a call at 225-239-5152 or fill out a form online to talk to us today and experience the GLO difference for yourself.

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