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See What an Industrial Recruiting Agency in Houston Can Do For You

February 21, 2022

Everything runs on a schedule when it comes to the industrial sector. But it can be difficult to adhere to these schedules when you’re short-staffed. It just creates a domino effect when you then take the time to try to find new people to add to your team. Because then you don’t have time for your own work. It may be time to call in some professional help. GLO Resources is here to provide aid in your time of need. Discover what we can do for you as your choice industrial recruiting agency in Houston.

What We Can Do for You 

You deserve to have a team of professionals who put your needs first when it comes to the hiring process. That being said, this has to raise the question of what a team like ours can do for you. Take a look and see if we’re the right fit.

We Interview So You Don’t Have To 

One crucial difference about our team is that we take the time to better understand your company and your possible additions. This way, we can ensure that the people we interview are perfect fits in terms of both skill and personality. And, yes, that’s right. We do the interviews ourselves. It doesn’t seem right if all we do is just throw bodies your way and tell you to figure it out yourself. Let us handle the whole process so you can save a ton of time and money. 

Industrial and Construction Placements

The industrial sector is vast and includes a diverse range of skills and positions. Luckily, we have experience placing people into best-fit jobs ranging from civil and commercial construction to oilfield services and manufacturing. Additionally, we are able to cover both white- and blue-collar positions. Unsure if we have experience with a company like yours? Feel free to contact us! We’re more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

Safety and Training

No matter how many years you’ve been in the industry, everyone is aware of OSHA and DOT training. And that it takes a lot of time, scheduling, and energy to get these things set up to ensure that your organization is running smoothly. Well, who says you need to take time out of your workday to figure these things out? GLO Resources offers a complete line of OSHA and DOT accredited and compliant training. And the best part of all? We come to you! Because we train on-site, you’ll have less productivity-loss and save the cost of travel and time lost. 

Trust Our Industrial Recruiting Agency to Help You

When you need the right people for the job, find the help you need with our industrial recruiting agency in Houston. We’re more than happy to assist you in find the right employees and to make your job easier. If you have any questions about what we can do in our process, feel free to get in touch with us. Fill out our form to get in contact with our Houston location, and one of our professionals will be with you as soon as possible. 

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