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Why Partner With an Industrial Staffing Agency in Louisiana?

March 28, 2022

All companies experience ups and downs. When an industrial company finds itself short-staffed, productivity and profit can suffer. This is where professional staffing and recruiting can help to outsource temporary or long-term workers to meet demand! Businesses of all sizes can benefit from industrial staffing services. From sourcing skilled workers to hiring, training, and developing safety programs, this agency can help you to both increase your labor capabilities and improve your business’s internal processes. Here are just a few reasons why you should work with our industrial staffing agency in Louisiana. 

Working With a Staffing Agency Saves You Time

First and foremost, a staffing agency makes hunting for skilled personnel and integrating them into your company much more efficient. Professional personnel placement helps to fill gaps in your workflow. Typically, this would require extensive time, money, communication, and training on the part of the company. But with the aid of an industrial staffing agency like GLO Resources, you can find a curated list of matches for your open positions. Rather than waiting for applications, sorting through qualified candidates, and then carrying out long and draining interviews, we cut straight to the chase with talent that already fits your industrial needs. Then, we handle the interviews, hiring, and training process with your input and final decisions. And even after your temporary or long-term hires have been placed, we continue to monitor your new employees to ensure that both you and the workers are satisfied. Let us manage your human resources and payroll needs to take even more stress and hassle off your shoulders!

A Staffing Agency Can Help Ensure On-Site Safety

We know the challenges and safety risks that can be present in industrial jobs. From operating heavy machinery to avoiding electrical hazards, these workers must be well-versed in best practices for on-site safety. Our industrial staffing agency in Louisiana can help with this as well! After your workers have been introduced to the position, they must learn how to keep themselves and their teammates safe. GLO Resources can assist with OSHA- and DOT-certified safety training. We will come on-site for a day of training with your workers. By the end of our session, they can receive a certificate of compliant safety training. And, to further strengthen your company’s safety standards, our industrial staffing agency can develop safety manuals and processes customized to your company and its needs.

An Industrial Staffing Agency Can Fill a Variety of Positions

Our staffing agency understands that the industrial sector covers a variety of positions. That’s exactly why we can provide highly trained personnel from all ranges of industrial work, from construction to materials handling, transportation, and more. Let us know the full scope of your open position: the experience you are seeking, the specifics of the position, and the projected timeframe that you are looking to have your new hires. We will search through our database of workers who meet your requirements to find the best possible matches for the position. Then, you can review each candidate to make the final selection. After you have made your picks, we’ll handle the hiring and onboarding!

Work With Our Industrial Staffing Agency in Louisiana

Let GLO Resources, our industrial staffing agency in Louisiana, handle the hiring process while you focus on your business. Call our Baton Rouge office at 225-239-5152 or shoot us a message so that we can learn how to better assist you. For companies big and small and of all industrial fields, GLO Resources is your solution to staffing, safety training, and increased efficiency. We look forward to helping you find the talent you need!

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