Third Party Administrative Services

Incident Response and Claims Resolution

We deliver immediate incident response and claims resolution, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our experienced team stands ready to assist your injured employee, and to protect your company and assets. We are geographically positioned to provide OSHA-compliant medical assistance, obtain full and restriction free releases, and watch your bottom line the entire way! 

Mediation and Trial Preparation

Whether you are a self-insured entity or have a large self-insured retention, we are ready and experienced to represent your company and interests in the event of a trial or mediation. We can house and handle ongoing pending claims inventories with daily and weekly efforts to mitigate and resolve them until they are settled and closed at the lowest ultimate cost. We offer low handling fees and provide weekly or monthly updates on the status of files available.

"We stand ready to use our litigation handling experience to protect your company and shareholders."

Ralph Frazier | Director of HSE

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