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Boost Your Business With the Help of a Houston Employment Agency

September 6, 2022

Every successful company is led by motivated and loyal employees. A strong and confident group of employees will benefit the company. It might be difficult finding these kinds of employees. However, at our Houston employment agency, GLO Resources connects businesses with talented and determined employees. GLO Resources wants to help you if you’ve been looking for an employment agency in Houston.

What Does a Houston Employment Agency Look Like?

For over 30 years, GLO Resources's Houston employment agency has been providing workforce strategies to support client’s high-performing culture. However, one thing that separates us from the others is that our agency is motivated to create solutions that last for our clients. We don’t just want to help employment recruitment, but we want to match employees with positions where they can benefit and succeed for many years. 

We are passionate and care for the people we work with from beginning to end, and we show that through our work. GLO Resources gathers the specific wants of our client and then personally interviews each candidate before presenting them to you. Our process not only saves our clients time and money, but it also eliminates many of the common HR issues that clients could run into.

Services You Can Find Through Employment Agencies in Houston

While there are many employment agencies in Houston, none of them go the extra mile quite like GLO Resources. Our recruitment goal is to provide qualified employees for our customers. Our team’s hard work results in reducing turnover rates and increases profits. We also specialize in industrial and construction recruiting. This ranges from civil and commercial construction to oilfield services. We employ blue- and white-collar roles from planning to management. Our team maintains relationships with both the employee and employer to make sure both sides are happy with the outcome.

Safety and Training Capabilities

In addition to finding recruitment services from a Houston employment agency, our agency also offers OSHA and DOT training. Our team will come to your site and train your personnel. There are benefits to on-site training that can help your team. The benefits include less productivity loss and saving you the cost of having to send your personnel off site. Once the training is successfully completed, we give out our training credentials. Unlike other Houston employment agencies, our training programs are designed to eliminate wait times and temporary certificates! 

Searching for a Houston Employment Agency?

If you are ready to hire dedicated and ambitious employees, reach out to us at 713-893-5870. We understand that you want to have confident and motivated employees, and we want to provide them to you. Our team is willing to help build trust with employers and employees so that both sides can benefit from the matching. We want to connect your organization with exceptional talent and help you succeed. Give us a call or fill out our form to speak to a GLO representative. We look forward to working with you!

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