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Improve Your Internal Safety Standards With Our Houston Recruitment Agency!

December 22, 2021

A compliant safety plan is an essential part of any industrial business. Since these working environments may have close contact with chemicals, heavy machinery, treacherous conditions, and more, it is important that your professionals are safety trained. And, a company-wide safety plan can provide even more security when it comes to emergencies. With the aid of our Houston recruitment agency, your company can help to mitigate possible risks and hazards! Learn more about why your company needs a workplace safety plan and what assistance you can find from GLO Resources.

Why Do You Need a Workplace Safety Plan?

Begin the process by identifying areas where your current safety plan is lacking. These holes in your company’s processes can easily become hazardous to the safety of your team. With an established safety plan, you can hold your company and your workers to high levels of safety and compliance to prevent injuries. And, you can prepare proper emergency processes in case disaster strikes.

At GLO Resources, we don’t just offer recruitment services for your Houston business. We can handle this development for you with safety and training. Let us devise plans to cover weather, fire, and electrical safety as well as the best practices for onsite safety. And, our team can also determine what measures your business should take in case of emergency. Our complete or partial safety program can provide you with company-branded safety manuals, compliance site management, and more!

How GLO Resources Grows Your Team and Implements Safety Standards

Aside from helping your company develop and implement an effective safety development program, GLO Resources offers multiple services to benefit your company. If you are a business in Houston in need of expanding your internal team, our recruitment agency is ready to help! We source talented professional placements to fill your needs for long-term or short-term positions. While you have control of who is or is not hired, we remove the stress of recruitment, interviewing, and hiring from your plate so that you are free to focus on your business. 

Once hired, GLO Resources continues to help ensure that your new employees excel. We can assist in internal HR processes, and we can help your new team members become OSHA and DOT accredited. With an on-site training session, we cover the basics of safety that your new hires need to know. This training is valid for construction workers, maritime professionals, or even general disciplines. By the end of these training sessions, those who successfully complete the course will be immediately accredited. With these compliant accreditations, you can promote a safer, healthier, and more productive working environment.

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Ready to get your safety plan and training in development? Contact our professionals at GLO Resources today! Our Houston recruitment agency can help you to not only increase the size of your team but ensure that you are welcoming high-quality, safety-trained employees to your workplace. Give our Houston branch a call today at 713-893-5870, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to providing you with business solutions to staffing and safety compliance!

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