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What To Look For In A New Orleans Professional Staffing Agency

May 4, 2021

Finding a new place of employment is a feat that is hard enough. That’s why many people utilize the services of a professional staffing agency. A staffing agency—also known as a search, recruiting, or staffing firm—is an organization that matches companies and job candidates. But knowing what to look for in a professional staffing agency can save you time and energy when on the exhaustive hunt for a job. So if you’re looking for a professional staffing agency in New Orleans, go with GLO Resources. See the GLO difference for yourself and contact us today!

The Recruitment Process

One of the fastest ways to figure out if you can trust a New Orleans professional staffing agency to do a job correctly is to learn about their recruiting process. An agency with the right culture understands that quality is more important than quantity, especially when it comes to human capital. A professional staffing agency should have processes in place to ensure they find only the best people for the job. How an agency finds and engages with qualified candidates directly impacts the type of person you end up hiring. This process is of the utmost importance for both potential candidates and prospective employers. 

Understanding what to look for in a professional staffing agency’s recruitment process can help you figure out if you’re using the right company. What tools do they use to find and screen candidates? How big is their talent pool? Where do they find their candidates? Finding out the answers to questions can help you along the way. At GLO, we’re upfront and transparent about our processes from the get-go. That means you’re informed and kept in the loop from the very beginning. 

Communication Is Key

Making sure your professional staffing agency fully understands your needs. The company in question should have an extensive database of available employers to help you find the right job tailored to your skillset. The “magic” of recruitment services happens through thorough communication. When we vet our candidates we ask nuanced and meaningful questions that help to ensure our placement services never miss. 

We give the same treatment to prospective employers when it comes time to find talented individuals to meet their specific needs. Thorough communication is a value at the core of GLO’s approach to recruitment strategy. Our relationship-driven approach to recruiting gives us an unmatched ability to provide best-fit employees for our customers. Our team is built and trained to match the right personnel to the customers’ culture, work demands, and pace of progress. 

Not Your Average Professional Staffing Agency In New Orleans

GLO Resources is uniquely different in the industry. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our clients and to become their chosen recruitment agency in New Orleans. We understand our clients’ hardships when seeking skilled personnel. GLO Resources is here to connect these dots for your business. Our representatives are eager to serve you. So give us a call at 225-239-5152 or fill out a form online to talk to us today and experience the GLO difference for yourself.

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