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3 Recruiter Red Flags To Look Out for in New Orleans

June 30, 2022

Without reliability and quality team members staffing your company, it's hard to rise to the company’s full potential. Bad hires brew avoidable downfalls like financial damages, wasted time, or worse. To cut down on potential risk, many New Orleans companies decide to hire a recruiter. But how can you be sure you are hiring a trustworthy recruiter capable of finding the right hire for your needs? Learn some red flags to keep an eye out for with GLO Resources

1. Rushed Results 

Finding the right hire, regardless of the position, is short term or long term, requires a certain level of commitment when shifting through all the applicants. Recruiters who rush through applicants rarely find the hire capable of the results you need. Instead, they look for a hire impressive enough for the initial hire. Short-term result-driven recruitment creates a cycle of unsatisfactory hires in positions repeatedly left neglected. No one enjoys being short-staffed, but settling for the wrong hire keeps you trapped in a hiring cycle. So, while the rapid results of these recruiters seem alluring, they are putting a band-aid on a broken leg. 

2. Doesn’t Learn Company Values

Sometimes candidates seem like the perfect fit on paper, but end up being a nightmare. Therefore it is so important that your New Orleans recruiter fully familiarizes themselves with your company’s values and workplace culture. One bad hire can twist a healthy workplace into a tense, stressful environment, upsetting once happy workers. This can cause extremely valuable members of the team to struggle to give their full energy to their role, or even leave the position altogether. 

GLO Resources values a relationship-driven approach. Because we aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients by providing the best possible options,  we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your company. We bring the information we learn about your company into the interviewing process. This helps us find the individuals capable of both rising to the demands of the position while seamlessly integrating into the workplace dynamic. Another benefit of our approach to hiring is we don’t call it a job well done after the hire. We check in with the company and the hire after the fact to guarantee mutual satisfaction with the match we created. 

3. Your New Orleans Recruiter Shouldn’t Keep You in the Dark 

In order to find the right candidate, open communication between your New Orleans recruiter and you is vital to properly communicate your needs and goals. Nobody enjoys the feeling of being kept in the dark about important matters like potential employees. While part of the joy of hiring recruiters is allowing them to do the heavy lifting, you should still feel comfortable asking questions and checking. In addition to that, reaching out for updates and progress reports should feel easy to do. Your New Orleans recruiter should operate as a team with you. 

Ready To Find A New Orleans Recruiter You Can Trust? 

It would honor GLO Resources to help you with the hiring process and beyond with our additional services. With over thirty years of combined industry experience, we have honed the recruitment process down to a streamlined relationship-driven process focused on getting above and beyond results. If you are ready to take the next step into the GLO Resources experience, call us at 504-291-1870 or send us a message online. Our team can’t wait to hear from you!

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